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Argentina played most of its semifinal loss to the United States without Manu Ginobili, who reinjured the same ankle that slowed him in the NBA playoffs.

阿根廷在Manu Ginobili大部份時沒有上場的情況下輸給了美國隊,他的腳踝再一次在同一個地方受傷,這個傷害使他在NBA的季後賽中影響到他的速度.

The Americans were ahead by 10 points when Ginobili, who came in leading the tournament with 20.3 points per game, went down with 3:49 remaining in the first quarter. He sat on the floor for several minutes before trainers came out to check on him. Then he limped to the bench, took off his left sneaker and held his ankle.


Ginobili went to the locker room after the quarter and did not return.


“He hurt himself while he was running,” said Argentina team doctor Diego Grippo. “He might have stepped on someone, but he did not hurt himself jumping.”

"他在他奔跑時傷到了他自己"阿根廷的隊醫Diego Grippo說."他可能踩到了某人,而不是在跳躍時傷到了他自己."

Grippo said Ginobili aggravated the ligament injury and has tendinitis in the flexor tendon. He is supposed to have an MRI on Saturday in Beijing.

Grippo說Ginobili加重了韌帶的傷害和屈肌腱有肌腱炎. 他期待星期六能在北京做MRI檢查. 

“It's hard,” Argentina power forward Luis Scola said of Ginobili's injury. “You want to play, you want to win, all of a sudden you find out all of the hard work you did is going into the trash.”

"這非常痛"阿根廷的強力前鋒Luis Scola談到Ginobili的傷勢. "你想要比賽.你想要贏,剎那間你發現全部的努力都像是垃圾." 

Argentina will play Lithuania at 11 tonight (CDT) for the bronze medal.




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