Write two short paragraphs about where you live. In the first paragraph describe your neighborhood, and in the second paragraph describe your home.

  I live a big community on a mountain in Xindian. There is only one convenient stroe in my neighborhood. There isn't enough much public transportation and parking. The sidewlks should be cleaner. There aren't any restaurants in my neighborhood, but there is a park in my neighborhood. Children can play in the park. It is really quiet and safe. I think my community is not perfect, but it's good enough for me.

  I living in a old apartment. There is enough closet space for me, but there is not enough closet space for my wife, and the bathrooms aren't modern enough. I have a stove, washing machine and a refrigerator. They all work pretty well. My kitchen and dining are are big enough for me. My walls were just painted 2 years ago, so I feel my living rooms is comfortable enough. Due to living on the mountain, My rooms are really bright, but they are really cold and damp in winter.


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