Describe your favorite way to cook. Use sequence adverbs.

Carrots, Potatoes, pressed tofus stir-fried pork

First, prepare some ingredients:

1 carrot, 1 Potato, 5 pieces of pressed tofu.

2 or 3 sliced pork marinated with soy sauce 10 minutes.

1 pot of rice

Next, shred all of the ingredients.

Then, pour some oil in a wok, and heat the oil. When the oil's hot, put in the shredded carrots, potatoes, and pressed tofus.

After that, stir everything, if the wok to dry, you can pour in some water to make it easy to stir.

Then, put in shredded pork and continue to stir, until the pork tecome white.

Next, cover the wok and turn stove to low heat for 3~5 Minutes.

After that, sprinkle a little salt and seasoning to taste.

Finally, turn off the stove. Now you can enjoy it with rice.

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