Write two short paragraphs about someone bugs you. In the first paragraph, describe the situation. In the second paragraph, say why this situation is difficult for you and describe a situation you would prefer.

  I can't stand it when I am sleeping, and someone calls me late at night.  I can't fall asleep easily. If I awake from a deep sleep, I really hard to fall asleep again. so if you have something important, please call me earlier or later.

  I've been this situation once. When I was sleeping my classmate called me at 2:00 AM.  He told me he couldn't go to work the next day.  I know that was very important, but at that moment I couldn't do anything for him.  I asked him if he could call me in the morning next time?  I had to tell my boss in the morning.  If I called my boss at that time, he might kill me.

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