1. Teachers & tutors
Most teachers have worse hours than tutors.
Most tutors have better hours than teacher.
Most teachers have as much work as tutors.
Most tutors have not as much work as teachers.

2. Boxers & Bookkeepers
Most boxers are more dangerous than bookkeepers.
Most bookkeepers are less dangerous than boxers.
Most bookkeepers are not as dangerous as boxers.
Most bookkeepers are fafer than boxers.
Most boxers are not as safe as bookkeepers.

3. Waiters & Piano player
Most waiters are more boring than piano players.
Most piano players are not as boring as waiters.
Most piano player are not as boring as waiters.
Most piano player are ore interesting than waiters.
Most waiters are less interesting than piano players.
Most waiters are not as interesting as piano players.

4. Singers & Janitors
Most singers are more famous than janitors.
Most Janitors are less famous than singers.
Most janitors are not as famous as ingers.
Most janitors are more obscure than singers.
Most singers are less obscure than janitors.
Most singers are not as obscure than janitors. 

5. Astronauts & Lawyers
Most astronauts are more special than lawyers.
Most lawyers are less ppecial than astronauts.
Most lawyers are not as special as astronauts.

6. Pilots & Nurses
Most pilots earn more money than nurses.
Most nurses earn less money than pilots.
Most Nuses don't earn as much money as pilots.

7. Salespeople & Writers
Most salepeople wear more formal clothes than writers.
Most writers wear less formal clothes than salepeople.
Most writers don't wear as formal clothes as salepeople.
Most writers wear more informal clothes than salepeople.
Most salespeople wear less informal clothes than writers.
Most salepeople dont' wear as informal clothes as writers.

8. Interior decorators & drawbridge tenders
Most interior decorators are more artistic than drawbridge tenders.
Most drawbridge tenders are less artistic than interior decorators.
Most drawbridge tenders are not as artistic as interior decorators.

9. Lifeguards & Engineers
Most lifeguards are stronger than engineers.
Most engineers are not as strong as lifeguards.
Most Engineers are weaker than lifeguards.
Most lifeguards are not as weak as engineers.

10. Doctors & Interns
Doctors are better paid than interns.
Interns are wors paid than doctors.
Interns are not as well paid as doctors.

11. Managers & musicians
Most managers are more organized than musicians.
Most musicians are less organized than managers.
Most musicians are not as organized as managers.
Most musicians are more disorganized than managers.
Most managers are less disorganized than musicians.
Most managers are not as disorganized as musicians. 

12. Professors & Soldiers.
Professors usually have more education than soldiers.
Soldiers usually have less education than professors.
Soldiers usually don't have as much education as professors.
Professors usually are better educated than soldiers.
Soldiers usually are worse educated than professors.
Soldiers usually are not as well educated as professors.

13. Dog walkers & Bus drivers
Most dog walkers have more free time than bus drivers.
Most bus drivers have less free time than dog walkers.
Most bus drivers don't have as much free time as dog walkers.
Most dog walkers have as much free time as bus drivers.
Most dog walkers have better hours than bus drivers.
Most bus drivers have worse hours than dog walkers.

14. Kindergarten teachers & telemarketers
Kindergarten teachers usually are more patient than telemarketers.
Telemarketers usually have less patience than kindergarten teachers.
Telemarketers usually don't have as much patience as kindergarten teachers.
Telemarketers usually are more impatient than kindergarten teacher. 
Kindergarten teachers usually have less impatience than telemarketers.
Kindergarten teacher usually don't have as much impatience as telmarketers.

15. Lifeguard & Cooks
Most lifeguards look more fit than cooks.
Most cooks don't look as fit as lifeguards.

16. An aerobics instructor & A gossip columnist
Being an aerobics instructor is more tiring than being a gossip columnist.
Being a gossip columnist is less triing than being an aerobics instructor.
Being a gossip columnist is not as tiring as being an aerobics instrucor.

17. Basketball players & Soccer players
Most basketball players are taller than soccer players.
Most soccer players are not as tall as basketball players.
Most soccer players are shorter than basketball players.
Most basketball players are not as short as soccer players.

18. Researchers & clowns
Most researchers are more serious than clowns.
Most clowns are less serious than researchers.
Most clowns are not as serious as researchers.
Most clowns are more fun than researchers.
Most researchers are less fun than clowns.
Most researchers are not as fun as clowns.

19. Tour guides & Police officers
Tour guides travel more than police officers.
Police officers travel les then tour guides.
Police officers don't travel as much as tour guides.
Tour guides travel as much as police officers.

20. Announcers & Surveyors
Most announcers are louder than surveyors.
Most surveyors are not as loud as announcers.
Most surveyors are quieter than announcers.
Most announcers are not as quiet as surveyors. 

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