Watch these two video then write two article with past continuous. simple past and past perfect.


Cook or kill?

  A man wanted to cook dinner for his girlfriend.  He arrived at his girlfriend's apartment, and he found the key. Then he unlocked the door. Next he entered the apartment.  After that he started to cook.  While he was finding a knife, the girlfriend's cat jumped up on the counter.  At that time his girlfriend was coming home, and the cat spilled the tomato sauce on the floor.  Then cat jumped on the floor in the tomato sauce. When his girlfriend was walking into her apartment, she saw the man was holding the cat and he was holding the knife which is covered with tomato sauce.  Maybe his girlfriend was thinking that the man wanted kill her cat.

Give or pay

  A man was taking his daughter and her friends to a concert.  While the man was driving, the girls were singing.  Then the daughter asked her dad to stop at a store to buy some gum.  The man stopped the car and the girls went into the store.  Suddenly the man called to his daughter to give her some money to buy the gum.  While his daughter was reaching into the car, then man give her some money.  At that moment the police saw everything, and they were thinking that the man was paying for a prostitute.

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