A: Have you ever overslept?
B: Yes, I have. I overslept yesterday.
A: Why did you oversleep?
B: Well, before I went to sleep, I had forgotten set my alarm clock.
A: Why did you forget set your alarm clock.
B: After I had prepared for my English test late at night, I fell asleep at my desk.

A: Have you ever had an unsuccessful job interview?
B: Yes, I have. I had an unsuccessful job interview last week.
A: How about your last interview?
B: Well, I was 30 minutes late, because I had missed the bus.
A: Why did you miss the bus?
B: I had gotten stuck in the elevator in my apartment, so I missed the bus.

A: Have you ever gotten lost in a foreign country?
B: No, I haven't. But I have gotten lost in Taipei many times.
A: Why did you get lost in Taipei.
B: Well, before I went to my friend's new apartment, I had forgotten bring my GPS.
A: Why did you forget bring your GPS?
B: This is my second GPS. Someone stole my first GPS, when I had left it in my car. So after that happened when I parked my car, I always brought it home. But when I went out, I sometimes had forgotten to bring my GPS. That why I have gotten lost in Taipei many times.

A: Have you ever had something stolen from you?
B: Yes, I have. Someone stole my new cell phone last week.
A: How did that happened?
B: Well, before I put my new cell phone in my locker, I had forgotten to lock the locker.
A: Why did you forget lock your locker?
B: While I was talking to my wife, Jeff called me to help him carry his new TV. so I hung up the phone, I put my cell phone in my locker. When I came back, I couldn't found my cell phone. Then I realized someone had stolen my cell phone.

A: Has your computer ever gotten a virus?
B: Yes, I have. My computer got a virus last weekend.
A: Why did your computer get a virus?
B: Well , before my computer got a virus, I had lent my computer to my brother.
A: Why did your brother lend your computer?
B: After his computer had gotten a virus, he borrowed my computer to type his report.

A: Have you ever forgotten to do something important?
B: Yes, I have. I forgot to type some important reports for my boss yesterday.
A: Why did you forget to type that for your boss?
B: Well, I couldn't type anything with my computer, because my computer had been broken all day.
A: Why was your computer broken all day? 
B: While I was typing a report yesterday morning, suddenly, our office had its power cut just for 15minutes, and then my computer crashed. When the engineer fixed it, it was almost 5:00 P.M. I had already gone to my English class, so I had forgotten to type my report.

A: Have you ever failed a big test? 
B: Yes, I have. I failed a big test last term.
A: Why did you fail a big test last term?
B: Well before the test, I couldn't concentrate, Because I had gotten a serious sickness.
A: Why did you get a serious sickness?
B: After I had turned on the air conditioner all night, the temperature was too low, and that is why I got seriously sick. 

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